Mall Santa Answers Kids About Roy Moore, Al Franken And Matt Lauer

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Al Franken did, Thompson hurriedly replied, "I guess you could say that Al Franken is on Santa's naughty list this year". In his speech to the Senate on Thursday, Franken said, "Let me be clear, I may be resigning my seat but I am not giving up my voice".

Watch as Kris Kringle fields requests from the kids not for just toys, but to chat and know more about Al Franken and Roy Moore, why Trump hasn't gotten in trouble yet, National Football League brain injuries and players kneeling, Feminazis, opioids, factory jobs for Chinese kids, Bitcoin, the coal industry, the tax bill, and Matt Lauer's sex toy.

"What about Roy Moore? Which list is he on?"

Unsure how to explain the news Franken resigned from the Senate following sexual misconduct allegations, Santa turns to a helper elf, played by Kate McKinnon: "Can you take the Al Franken thing, sugar plum?"

But "most people in America are good people, and eventually good people will fix our country", McKinnon says.

As Santa shoos the boy away, hoping for a reprieve from the tough questions, a young girl steps up.

Tyler wants a Megablox dinosaur and laser tag. Then came Trump. As McKinnon reminds Santa during the sketch, the president is more than qualified to be on the naughty list - "Nineteen accusers".

"Santa tries to stay out of politics", says Santa looking for an out.

"Our president may have said or done a few naughty things", Santa tells Jessica.

"We sure can!" the girl replies cheerfully. And they've drawn an unwholesome lesson: "If you admit that you did something wrong, you're in trouble".

The barb was a nod to those who have pointed out the seeming inequity of consequences for those accused of sexual misconduct.

A jolly mall Santa (played by Kenan Thompson) is ready to hear the Christmas wishes of the children.

The best line of the skit came after Santa said to one little boy: "Maybe you'd like a toy for Christmas!" The bit ends with a girl named Jenny who says she doesn't want any gifts this year - just for "everything to be OK".

Amy the elf takes the young girl aside and comforts her.

"Oh my goodness, OK, Jenny, Jenny, listen to me", she says.

When that joke drew disapproving oohs and moans, Che added, "I said, worst thing". Like truly mind-bendingly insane, and we seem to have lost all perspective on what's naughty or nice'.