New York City Port Authority Explosion

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The man who set off a bomb at a central bus terminal in New York City on Monday morning was identified as 27-year-old Akayed Ullah, Daily Beast reported, citing the to New York Police Department Commissioner John O'Neil.

The explosion triggered a massive emergency response by police and fire both above and below ground, tangling subway and bus service at the nearby Port Authority bus terminal.

The A, C and E subway lines are being evacuated, the NYPD said.

Police, who have labelled it an attempted terror attack, say Ullah was inspired by the Islamic State, but had apparently not had any direct contact with the terror group.

Ullah suffered the worst injuries but three others sustained minor injuries related to the explosion, including ear ringing and severe headache, Deadline reported.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called the explosion an attempted terrorist attack.

Reporters speculated that the device was a pipe bomb, but this has not been confirmed by the NYPD. Entrances on Eighth Street are also open after being closed for more than four hours.

Commuters can be seen covering their heads and running from the scene, as the passage fills with smoke. The person in custody appears to be injured, according to the federal law enforcement source.

Later, Donald Trump said the bombing proved the U.S. must "fix its lax immigration system".

Investigators are trying to determine if the device may have detonated prematurely, or partially, when it exploded.

Police stand guard at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Authorities are investigating the incident as a possible "lone wolf" attack based on the rudimentary construction of the device, reports CBS New York.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump was briefed on the explosion, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders wrote on Twitter.

The attack was the second on New Yorkers in six weeks, coming after a man in a rented truck drove up a crowded bike path on Halloween, killing eight and injuring 12.