PlayStation Experience 2017 Presser: What Time is It, How to Watch

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The MediEvil PlayStation 4 remaster was announced with a short teaser trailer and very little in the way of details.

Sony also announced that Wipeout: Omega Collection is coming to PlayStation VR. God Of War, Dreams, Detroit: Beyond Human (now confirmed for spring 2018), and Death Stranding were shown again but were basically the same demos as before.

You don't even need to own the original game to play this experience. While MediEvil originally debuted on the original PlayStation in 1998, the series was originally developed by SCE Cambridge Studio.

In terms of new PS4 games coming out in 2018, we saw the reveal of Firewall Zero Hour, a new PSVR shooter, and confirmation of a MediEvil Remaster.

Capcom has just launched the Monster Hunter: World beta for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The experience will be free, and downloadable on the PlayStation Store on December 12th. During the PlayStation Experience 2017 live stream held earlier today, Sony have revealed that the next PlayStation 1 classic to be given the 4K treatment will be MediEvil, a hack and slash platformer filled with undead enemies, dark British styled comedy, spooky chalices and wise cracking gargoyles. Another great option is the Limited Edition Destiny 2 PS4 Pro bundle ($399) which includes a Glacier White PS4 Pro with a 1TB HDD, matching DualShock 4 controller, a copy of Destiny 2 and a digital content voucher that includes the game's Expansion Pass. With the game being a complete remake of its original version from PS1, fans both new and old will be able to see the game in its purest form and share some of PlayStation's strongest titles from the 90's in an all-new light.