Prince Harry has interviewed Barack Obama for BBC Radio 4's Today programme

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Prince Harry is making dreams come true once again.

Prince Harry has taken on the role of guest editor for the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, which will air on December 27th. "Because I'm a slow speaker", Obama jokes in the teaser offered up on the palace's Twitter feed. Harry revealed he much preferred to be the one asking the questions and warned Barack if he paused too long in between answers he would get "the face".

The interview is part of Harry's guest editorship of the programme and features the former USA president sharing his memories of the day he left office and his hopes for his post-presidential life. It will also be available as a podcast.

Twiddling a pen, Harry tells Mr Obama: "You're excited about this, I'm nervous about this, that's what's quite amusing".

Mr Obama quipped back: "Let me see the face", before joking, "I don't want to see that face".

The prince and the president have enjoyed a friendship since Obama was in office.

Radio 4 recently announced that the series, which was recorded in Toronto during September's Invictus Games, will be released on December 27.

In the interview, scheduled to be released later this month, questioned Mr Obama about his memories of the day he left office and his post-presidential work with the Obama Foundation, according to Kensington Palace.

At this year's Invictus Games, Obama reportedly quizzed Harry on his relationship with Meghan Markle as they watched wheelchair basketball.