RPF to manage crowds in AC suburban trains

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Western Railway chief spokesperson Ravinder Bhakar earlier said that the last technical trial run of the Air Condition take was conducted on Sunday in the front of the senior officers and it was successful.The official said that the air-conditioned local services will at first run only in the Churchgate-Borivali section.

India's first fully air-conditioned train to ply on a suburban route will run between downtown Mumbai's Churchgate and suburban Virar railway stations from Christmas Day, according to the Western Railway.

On the inaugural run, the train began its journey from Borivli to Churchgate station of the Western Railway (WR). It is important that regular commuters understand how the train functions, when the doors stop and why it is important to not peek inside the train when it is at the platform.

The train witnessed a thinner crowd on Monday, a public holiday. Weekly, fortnightly and monthly season tickets will be charged at 5, 7 and 10 times that of a single journey.

The train returned to the Mumbai Central auto shed by 3.30 pm.

The coaches will carry approximately 6,000 commuters per rake. While the inaugural run of the first AC local was met with overall enthusiasm, there were some issues that were hard to brush under the carpet. Giving a separate colour to the women's coach, blinds on windows, dustbins in each coach, seat cushions and toilets remain some of the suggestions. These coaches will also have an automatic door opening-closing system. Finally, railway officials started announcing about the fares and asked the commuters to buy the ticket and travel.

There were many commuters who were unaware of the AC local fares and so many of them boarded the local at one station and got down on another station.