Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Flagships Certified By The FCC

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Well, this time they seem to have issues with the Note 8 battery but it is not as severe as exploding batteries.

While the Samsung Galaxy S9 is rumoured to improve the battery life of the flagship series, the current Galaxy S8 Plus and Note 8 are reportedly experiencing problems. Although the aforementioned issue doesn't seem to be widespread for now, Samsung may want to take a look at it and solve the issue before it gets major attention.

KitGuru Says: One of the major problems with things like this happening is that batteries can no longer be removed, meaning that the user has no choice but to go through a lengthy process to repair or fix their device. The phone doesn't charge at all, leaving customers with no option but to contact the company. In the posts, several customers complain that their phones are not charging. As reported by the, some users did get their smartphones replaced, while some others mentioned the problem to have occurred again. Some users who have encountered the problem have said that they are able to see charging cycle on the screen after connecting the charging cable, but the phablet refuses to charge.

The battery issue immediately brings back memories of the Galaxy Note 7, even though it appears that it is not affecting many users.

Shortly before Christmas, reports claimed Samsung plans to release the handset sometime in March, which would suggest a February or March announcement. We don't have an exact figure yet regarding the number of Galaxy Note 8 devices having this issue. Samsung recalled the phablet just weeks after its release and users were given a safe unit as replacement.