Trump Blasts 'FAKE NEWS' Story He Was Considering Rescinding Gorsuch Nomination

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"I never even wavered and am very proud of him and the job he is doing as a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court", Trump tweeted.

The report was published in the Washington Post Monday night, and said Trump discussed rescinding Gorsuch's nomination after he was critical of Trump and his verbal attacks on the federal judiciary.

President Donald Trump with Neil Gorsuch at the White House on January 31.

He reportedly fretted over whether Gorsuch, lauded by the mainstream Republicans that have sometimes clashed with the White House, would be "loyal" and wondered if he were sufficiently grateful.

The Washington Post hate comes just days after Trump blasted the paper and political reporter Dave Weigel for misrepresenting crowd sizes during a recent Trump rally in Florida.

Upon learning that Gorsuch had told Democratic Sen.

But while Trump criticized the Post story, the President was also clearly irked by the incident at the time, lashing out on Twitter by accusing Blumenthal of having misrepresented Gorsuch's comments. The president called one a "so-called" judge, and described an appeals court panel as "disgraceful".

He as confirmed by the Senate 54 to 45 in April and has a consistently conservative outlook similar to the justice he replaced, Antonin Scalia. Richard Blumenthal of CT that he found the president's heated attacks on judges blocking implementation of his travel ban "disheartening" and "demoralizing".

Aides said Trump did not immediately receive the note, but it was retrieved by legislative affairs director Marc Short and then viewed by Trump on March 10, helping ease his concerns.

"Your address to Congress was magnificent", Gorsuch wrote. "My teenage daughters were cheering the TV!"

Trump had launched into a series of attacks against federal judges who had ruled to stop his travel ban on Muslim-majority countries during Gorsuch's confirmation process, leaving the Supreme Court nominee to field questions from senators about the comments. "You never know with these guys".