Embassy Not Moving to Jerusalem Within the Year

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Netanyahu told the Indian businesspeople that they were invited to invest in Israel in diverse fields, and to join multinational companies that have opened research and development centers in Israel. He is catapulting it into the future and as one of the world's great powers.

According to Rabbi Kozlovsky, little Moshe presented a replica of a holy book to the Prime Minister.

"These awful killers who unfortunately exacted from us a bad sacrifice, did not exact from us the price of this child, because of the love of the Jewish people of the incredible woman Sandra", he said.

He also referred to terrorism, terming the 26/11 tragedy as an attack on humanity and not on the country's sovereignty alone, and said the fight against terror can be intensified further.

Another community member shared how some Jews migrated to Pakistan when the Partition happened but had to move back to India from Karachi during the 1967 Palestine war and how they feel safe here in India. "You were the first leader of India to come to Israel in 3,000 years".

Samuel was given Israeli citizenship and accompanied Moshe and his relatives back to Mumbai. Netanyahu patted Moshe's shoulder and cheeks and posed for photographs.

The Israeli prime minister who landed in Mumbai today was greeted with traditional song and dance ceremonies.

The White House did not respond to CNN's earlier request for comment on Abbas' remarks.

Meeting of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Jared Kushner in Tel Aviv.

"I am very moved to be here with you, with you Moshe". We just measured your height. The Holtzberg's son Moshe, then two, was the family's sole survivor.

The Jewish People have been with you throughout and there is a good reason for this. Nauert said the USA would like to see reforms at UNRWA and called on other countries to contribute more to the relief agency. "It will not take long for your next visit, I know that", he said. "This is loving Israel but terrorists showed hatred towards Israel", he said. "The people of Israel are living and will live forever", he said. "Turn it into a building that will be a source of light for the world", he explained later in a speech. Here I was born, and here I spent two years. I was the beloved son of my parents. My beloved parents did what they did here for the Land of Israel. In one room, fading children's drawings of Torahs and the Hebrew alphabet painted on the wall remained the only reminder of what had been a family home, standing in stark contrast to walls with massive holes in them and rebar hanging from the ceiling. My father built for me an incredible kitchen out of wood, out of his love for me.

Netanyahu at the business summit said there is a similarity between how he changed the landscape in Israel after inheriting an economy with trouble on multiple fronts, and the way Prime Minister Modi is working in India. Praised are you Lord our G-d who did a miracle for me in this place. He also thanked Netanyahu for keeping his promise of bringing him to India with him. "I thank Modi for his vision and for his friendship, and for recognising the vast potential of our partnership" the Israeli PM added. The visit will see the partnership being upgraded to a "Strategic Partnership" on issues like water, agriculture, science, technology, and space.