Google's keyboard app Gboard now lets you make GIFs of your own

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GIFs are now available in version 29 of the Instagram Android and iOS app.

Instagram continues to expand the Stories feature, wanting to bring even more of its users into the fold.

Using a library of animated GIFs supported by GIPHY users can now add GIF stickers to their stories. The team up with GIPHY also doesn't come as a surprise, given that Instagram's parent company Facebook also uses GIPHY's depository for GIFs in their comments and also in Messenger. "No matter how your readers are looking to express themselves, Instagrammers everywhere will now be able to use GIFs in Stories to celebrate fun moments, share cute puppies and, of course, give the occasional eye roll".

Previously, users could only write, draw and add regular stickers to their stories-now, with "GIF Stickers", users can add a bit more style to their creations with these moving images.

In order to check out the new features, make sure your Instagram app is up-to-date.

Like adding a poll to your Story, adding a GIF is incredibly easy.

If you want to find text-based GIFs, look for "word art".

It is to be noted that making small video clips isn't a new feature and there are many third-party apps that can do it easily. Fast Forward, on the other hand, allows the user to record a one-minute long video and then speeds it up afterwards.

GIF stickers are already available to users worldwide. The content can be shared in its original dimensions, irrespective of its form (square, landscape, or portrait). You'll now be able to pinch and zoom to fit the entire photo into the story, and any extra room left empty by a photo will be filled with a matching custom color gradient.