Instagram launch 'Recommended for You' section in main feed

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According to a report by Tech Crunch, the newest section in Instagram is being introduced as a part of "Recommended for You" feature to the photo-editing platform. The new feature will have its own label in order to not be confused with the user's home feed and will have anywhere from three to five suggested posts.

The feature, as outlined in Instagram's Help documents, will suggest posts for you based on those that have been liked by other accounts you follow.

Facebook Inc. -owned Instagram is changing up its news feed slightly with a new feature called "Recommended for You". You could also see what posts friends have been liking in the Following section, if you chose. Although getting rid of "Recommended for you" isn't an option, temporarily disabling it is. However, things have changed and Instagram users will now be viewing the content directly on their homepages.

The change comes shortly after another update also focused on broadening users' access to content beyond what's being posted to those accounts you explicitly follow. The recommended posts from accounts that users aren't already following will appear in a user's normal Instagram feed. It is not clear as to what Instagram's goal might be in the recently released features.

New Instagram test adds posts your friends like into your feed
Instagram is adding a 'recommended' post on to your feed

According to reports, the feature was spotted while still in development and it seems that the social media giant has achieved refining the algorithm needed to pull off the recommended feature. In early December, the social media platform rolled out testing for their "Recommended for You" section.

To hide these recommended posts, tap the three "dots" menu above the post, then tap "Hide".

The "Recommended for You" feature is now rolling out to all iOS and Android Instagram users.