It looks like the Google Play store will soon sell audiobooks

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The hub isn't now accessible, and 9to5Google says that there's no indication of when the store will go live.

Already home to apps, movies, TV shows, musics, books, and more, Google Play looks to add another category in the form of audiobooks. For the unintended, audiobooks are an exact word-for-word version of books, which allows users to listen to them on a music player, smartphone etc. The tear-down also revealed that Play Books will let users cast the audiobooks on Chromecast. Now, it seems that audiobooks are all set to join the list. As sales of audiobooks have exploded in recent years, and a dedicated storefront would give Google a foot in the door to capture some of those sales within its own digital ecosystem.

As per a in 9to5Google, Google has posted a banner ad for audiobooks on the Google Play Store.

When a tech blog spotted a banner ad for audiobooks directly through Google's online store, Google Play, everyone jumped on their seemingly imminent arrival. However, the section is not live yet and there is no specific mention of when the content will be available for purchase for the masses. Instead of reading books, people get converted towards listening to them through various devices. It would be logical for the company to move all the audiobooks to the Google Play Store. The users will be easily navigate to Audiobooks and can keep a track of their purchases and other useful things right from one single place.

Meanwhile, several companies have recently been improving support for audiobooks. Did you expect this from Google?

We don't know what Google is actually planning or when the audiobooks would available on the platform but if the new feature is added to Google Play Store then the search giant could possibly have a huge impact on the audiobook market. For more such updates, stay tuned with us!