January Nintendo Direct could see more than 16 games revealed

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Using a Nintendo Direct broadcast to announce some major titles and build anticipation for the months ahead worked out well a year ago, so don't be surprised to see Nintendo try the same thing again. Last year was one of the company's best years ever for software and fans have been wondering if 2018 could possibly top it.

Nintendo has officially gotten its groove back. It all started at the end of November when a leaked memo from Electronic Arts promised that a new Nintendo Direct would happen in January and that Fe would be making its way to the Switch.

If Nintendo can continue to produce games carrying the Mario, Luigi, Zelda, Kirby, Pikmin, and Pokemon names at regular intervals over the next two years, nobody would bet against the Switch hitting 50 million units or more. The popular strategy game titled "The Escapists" had its sequel in 2017.

As Gamesindustry.biz reports, by April 2019 Kimishima wants Nintendo to sell another 20 million Switch. That will only be the case if Nintendo continues to produce games we all think it's worth buying a Switch to play them on. After selling 10 million Switches and almost on the way to selling 14 million units within the console's first year on store shelves, Nintendo is looking to sell 20 million units in the next Japanese fiscal year. The second video game in the list also belongs to Nintendo - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

So, those who own the latest firmware version will then have to wait for a possible flaw in the most recent system update, since it is not possible to downgrade the Nintendo Switch. Kimishima also spoke briefly on the console's issues being kept in stock at the various retailers that have difficulty keeping it available for eager Switch faithful.