Monster Hunter World Gets Street Fighter 5 Ryu and Sakura Costumes

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Monster Hunter: World has been released just a week ago on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and, even before its launch on PC, the game is a huge success. However they'll only have until June 30 to do so. What's more, Capcom will roll out further cross-industry initiatives to increase long-term brand value and capture an even wider fan base, such as with a Hollywood film adaptation of the series and the Monster Hunter: The Real attraction now running at Universal Studios Japan. Downes is Director of The Centre for Fortean Zoology and has a history of examining mystery creatures, freakish and aberrant animal behaviour and zoo form paranormal entities.

Whatever your thoughts are on Capcom or Monster Hunter World, there's no denying that the game has moved 5 million in shipment and digital sales. Yes, games have been coming out fairly consistently.

"Monster Hunter: World" players can equip these full armor sets on both male and female hunters.

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The Monster Hunter games have always been massive experiences that take a long while to sift through, but World may be the biggest yet. It sure has some pretty good numbers to show so far. They managed to move 5 million units in shipment and digital sales combined in three days.

If you're one of the millions playing Monster Hunter World, chances are you've created a character from scratch to be your avatar in the game's lush, living world. Now, it's true that units shipped does not mean units sold, necessarily.