Paul Ryan: Home will go spending invoice if Senate approves it

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Democrats, for their part, placed the blame on Republicans, pointing to the fact that they are the majority in both the House and Senate to avoid accusations of simply being obstructionists.

"The Democrats will have a chance to open the government, that they shut down, at noon today,", Wisconsin Republican, said on Fox News.

Ryan didn't address the ad directly and instead said they're "certainly not helping us" on the shutdown and on immigration.

The House passed a stopgap bill that would have funded the government through February 16, but the Senate rejected the bill on Friday.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan speaks at a news conference at the U.S. Capitol January 18, 2018 in Washington, DC. House Speaker Paul Ryan immediately summoned reporters to try to pin the blame on top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer of NY.

A bitterly divided Congress hurtled toward a government shutdown this weekend in a partisan stare-down over demands by Democrats for a solution on politically fraught legislation to protect about 700,000 younger immigrants from being deported. Not wanting to risk bipartisanship in a fraught situation like the present, Ryan crafted a short-term stopgap spending bill created to pass with only Republican votes in the House, because (a) it did not include any DACA deal, which was very hard to design in any event, and (b) it had some sweeteners for conservatives, including delays in two Obamacare taxes. Republicans were all but daring Democrats to scuttle the bill and force a shutdown because of immigration, which they said would hurt Democratic senators seeking re-election in 10 states that Trump carried in 2016.

Concern for CHIP is also not directly tied to the current shutdown. Trump's historically poor popularity and a string of Democratic special election victories have fueled that party's hopes of capturing control of the House and perhaps the Senate.

Congress failed to pass a spending measure on Friday leading to the government shutdown. "Stop holding our troops and children's health insurance hostage".

The federal government shut down on midnight Friday, and Democrats and Republicans have placed plenty of blame on each other since then.

In the event of a shutdown, food inspections and other vital services would continue, as would Social Security, other federal benefit programs and most military operations. President Donald Trump ended the program in 2017, and recipients with permits that expire after March 5 will not be able to renew them.

"If this bill passes, there'll be no incentive to negotiate, and we'll be right back here in a month with the same problems at our feet", said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.