Second floor of Indonesia Stock Exchange collapses, many injured

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About a dozen people were injured when the floor of Indonesia Stock Exchange collapsed on Monday.

It happened during most people's lunch break so the building was quieter than usual, but there were still hundreds of people there.

CCTV showed more than 50 people tumble towards the ground as the floor below them gave way on Monday.

The Jakarta Police have temporarily closed Jl. Its president said he believed the number of injured was below 20.

Marlia Zein added that there was a "loud banging", leading people inside to "immediately" run out of the building.

The building is part of a complex that Islamist militants targeted with a suicide bombing in September 2000.

At least 10 people were killed and dozens injured by a vehicle bomb in that attack.

"There are lots of western workers who work in this complex as well as many Indonesians", he said. The debris inside the stock exchange can also be seen in the pictures. The victims have suffered leg and arm injuries.

Seventy-two people were injured and there were no deaths, Jakarta police said in a statement mid-afternoon.

A college student from Palembang said she felt a tremor just before the floor collapsed. It probably won't help that an audit of the structural integrity of the building in May 2017 didn't turn up any red flags about the mezzanine.

Meanwhile, Jarkata the police have ruled out a bomb as a cause of the building collapse.

"Material degradation could be the cause", construction expert Iswandi Imran told local TV.