Super Mario Odyssey to get free 'Luigi's Balloon World' add-on

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Super Mario Odyssey is getting a free update called Balloon World. The January 11th Nintendo Direct featured the first look at "Luigi's Balloon World". In "Hide It" mode, players have a certain amount of time to hide a balloon.

For those who are on their journey to collect every last moon, Nintendo is bringing a new mini-game to Mario Odyssey to freshen things up and give players a little competitive spirit.

Players have the chance to move up in rank by finding hidden balloons and becoming expert hiders - placing balloons that people will struggle to discover within the time limit.

Then use the new Snapshot Mode filters to take some really trippy screenshots of them. He'll be hosting "Luigi's Balloon World;" a hub for two online hide and seek multiplayer modes coming in February.

Super Mario Odyssey released back in October to critical acclaim and commercial success, and Switch owners won't have to wait too long for more of the beloved Italian plumber with new content heading to the game next month. Does "Sunshine" costume pieces hint at anything?