A Newly Discovered iOS Bug Can Crash Your iPhone

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If someone sends you the symbol and iOS tries to show it in a notification, the entire system software that manages the Home will be blocked, as reported by Mobile World.

In a report today, The Verge said the latest Apple vulnerability also blocks access to Messages, as well as to third-party apps such as Facebook Messenger, Gmail, and Outlook for iOS. This is yet another similar case in which an iOS device causes the Messages app to crash, ultimately leaving users unable to open it again.

The first tech site to detect the bug was the Italy-based Mobile World, which claims that it has tested the glitch several times on systems powered by the iOS 11.2.5. Some users have reported, whenever they receive a message with the specific Telugu character, the app crashes and becomes unresponsive. The app the message was sent to also shuts down and fails every time you try to open it. Following a deluge of bad reports on its new HomePod speaker - mixed reviews, reports of stained furniture, and even somewhat scarce profits- it's now the turn of yet another software issue. Apple says it's also working on a fix that should be arriving soon.

"The character in question can cause serious problems and, in nearly all our tests, after the Springboard crash the iPhone went into bootloop and we had to perform a reset from DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode".

The ChaiOS hack, revealed in January 2018, causes devices to crash and can delete all your messages, affects any device running iOS and Mac OS.

A new iOS bug which is a symbol in the Indian language known as Telugu, is potential to crash your iPhone. Besides, the upcoming Apple iOS11.3 update is expected to offer features that give users the power to control their batteries, Augmented Reality (AR) upgrade and Animoji.

It merits mentioning here that iOS 11.3 already has a fix for the problem since all available betas of iOS 11.3 are protected against this.