Eagles Ship Woman Who Thought She Missed Tremendous Bowl to Sport

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Wing Bowl started as an alternative to the Super Bowl by a Philadelphia radio host who was exhausted of the Eagles never making it to the big Game.

Not to be outdone, WBUR in Boston fired back in an act of un-brotherly love: a playlist of Boston-centric songs to cheer the Patriots on to victory over the Eagles.

Wing Bowl is usually Philadelphia's substitute for the Eagles going to the Super Bowl. Only this year, Philadelphia will be in the big game so the chicken wing-eating competition known as the Wing Bowl also will be a rally for the Eagles.

Her father posted a video on Facebook this week showing the 21-year-old Rutgers student coming out of anesthesia after having her wisdom teeth removed.

Haley was sitting in a restaurant when she saw the post and said she "literally started screaming" over it.

'I want the Eagles to win so bad, ' Parks responds.

"I just put it on Facebook and one of my friends at school said you have to make that public", he continued. The video had been viewed more than a million times.

Towards the end of the hilarious video Parks informs her mom that the Eagles need to win so she can attend their parade.

H. PARKS: Are you sure?

In a wide-ranging, if not always coherent, conversation, Haley Parker says the players are "like my sisters", expresses concern for the mother of injured quarterback Carson Wentz and wonders if she's drowning after feeling teardrops on her face.