Google Wants To Bring Smart Replies To More Chat Apps

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According to TechCrunch, Reply isn't a standalone app, rather it's simply a way to respond to messages - though how that works is unclear, surely an app is required?

The Reply app is from Area 120, a group at Google focused on quickly iterated experimental products that the public are able to test. That's Smart Reply in action, and it's going to start rolling out to chat platforms in the future.

In an email test sent to potential testers, published by Android Police, a spokesman for the team said: 'You probably get a lot of chat messages. If you have never used them before, they are AI-powered responses to messages you receive from others. The Reply app will allow user to send instant and smart replies directly from the notification bar without having the need to even open that app. But what's more interesting that Google is planning to cram this feature in third-party apps as well.

Smart Reply has, for many people become an integral part of their Inbox and Gmail experience, now Google's San Francisco based incubator, Area 120, has come up with a way to bring those smart replies to all your messaging apps. The shared mail highlights some of the key features of the Reply app like the app can mute your phone while you're driving and reply to anyone who sends you text that you can't chat right now.

What makes Reply better than just a standard quick response generator is its smart functionality. But the feature has not been made available to all Android Messages users as of yet. The new app also includes other automated features such as a Do Not Disturb mode, and a Vacation Responder. Offering similar technology across a range of apps - and potentially only for Android users - could help push some users to adopt Android over iOS; or could prompt them to move to Gmail when they see how useful Smart Reply technology can be.

The new feature can reply to the questions such as 'When will be home?' or 'Are you at the restaurant?' the project is yet in the very beginning of its development, while Google is not expected to make the feature widely available to the outside testers than its Area 120.

It should be noted that Android Messages, as mentioned, has already received Smart Reply support. "Like all other projects within Area 120, it's a very early experiment so there aren't many details to share right now".