LeBron James thanks fans after taking home All-Star MVP and win

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The Sixers standout also competed in Friday's Rising Stars game and Saturday's Skills Challenge. Despite missing a handful of games leading up to the All-Star break, LaMarcus Aldridge did show up ready to play, although he would be held to a strict minutes-restriction, seeing only four minutes of action.

NBA All-Star 2018 is in the books after last night's thrilling finish to the All-Star Game.

There is something plain weird about being in Los Angeles for a celebration of the best of pro basketball and finding so few players from the LA franchises among the best. All Hollywood without a lick of Los Angeles.

"It is different", O'Neal told Sporting News this weekend.

Warriors Why LeBron would pick Golden State An MVP core of James, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry? "Give the people what they want to see".

"There are going to be a lot of superstars here, and that was always my focus".

"Anytime I get an opportunity to be with a fellow teammate of mine on the same court and then you add on the fact that what we was able to accomplish in the three years, it just makes it special", James said. Give me the ball.

"I hope everybody had a great weekend". But this year, Lillard made the team and played like he had something to prove. Not yet, at least. But fans don't care much about that.

76ers Why LeBron would pick Philadelphia When James went from Miami to Cleveland, he traded a pair of aging stars in Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh for younger counterparts in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. Unlike in year's past, it was not a mere extension of the Slam Dunk Contest as it became more competitive.

Harden and Westbrook, both signed through 2022, are out. Let's get more of the same next year. Once again, he could be the one who dictates the rest of the free agents.

And there's always the ultimate Laker wish: signing Cavs star LeBron James.

"I had a process", James said.

Curry did not reveal who he selected in the All-Star draft, but said getting the best shooting was his strategy.

Durant, however, said the Warriors have bigger things to worry about than the standings.

"That's the media", George said. I know my family did. "That's all that matters". Neither did Durant and Westbrook, who broke up in 2016 when Durant left Oklahoma City for Golden State.

Want your voice heard? "It's over for that".

In a survey of 48 anonymous players conducted by ESPN during NBA All-Star weekend, the overwhelming sentiment was that James, who spurned the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010 and left the Miami Heat in 2014 to return to his beloved northeast OH, will and should stay right where he is.

Flanking the sides of the stage during player introductions with Laker Girls and members of the Clippers dance team only hammered home the point that the two hosting teams were not represented.