Mattis: Pentagon is putting together options for military parade

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The Washington Post, which was first to report the plan, said Trump wants an elaborate parade this year with soldiers marching and tanks rolling, but no date has been selected.

"We are aware of the request and are in the process of determining specific details".

For instance, US Federal Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly wrote that the US military was to ignore Trump's ban. His captivation with the show of force apparently came after his visit to France, where he was a guest for the nation's Bastille Day celebrations, which included a grand display of France's military equipment. Aboard Air Force One en route home from Paris in July, aides said Trump told them that he was dazzled by the French display and that he wanted one at home. The Washington Post reported this week that a January 18 meeting between Trump and top generals in the Pentagon's tank - a room reserved for top-secret discussions - marked a tipping point, according to officials briefed on the planning.

"We're going to have to try to top it", Trump said.

It seems plans are underway by the Trump Administration to introduce a new transgender military policy on February 21.

Trump, however, dismissed that concern, according to one person familiar with the conversation who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the president's thinking.

Since leaving the White House, the former financier has busied himself giving outrageous interviews to the media and launching his own now quasi-abandoned media company The "Scaramucci Post".

"With the completion of the Afghanistan combat mission expected at the end of this year, and with Iraq's official end far behind us, it's time for NY to stake its claim and for the Department of Defense to join in planning this welcome home celebration".

That's ok, Trump told them. "We've been putting together some options". The US is now still mired in the longest war in its history as the Afghanistan war enters its 17th year, and US troops are now engaged in combat operations in several countries.

Most recently, in 1991 more than 8,000 troops marched down Washington D.C.'s Constitution Avenue in a victory parade celebrating the end of the Persian Gulf War.

Even before he was inspired by the Bastille Day parade in Paris, the president was set on having a display of United States military might. George H.W. Bush was president at the time. Military officials on Tuesday could not say how much Trump's request would cost, or how it would be paid for. "We're not North Korea, we're not Russian Federation, and we're not China and I don't want to be", Kennedy told reporters.

Critics have argued that a parade could cost millions of dollars, at a time the Pentagon wants more stable funding for an overstretched military.

Spending money on aid to Puerto Rico, eliminating college debt, and providing healthcare or a thousand other ways to strengthen the country troops are willing to die to protect.