Poland's Prez says he will sign Holocaust bill

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Poland's president signed into law on Tuesday (local time) a bill that imposes jail terms for suggesting the country was complicit in the Holocaust, prompting sharp criticism from Israel and the United States. I am honored. Now the next generation has an important lesson about the Holocaust of our people and I will ensure they learn it.

But Israel has raised concerns it could stifle the truth about the involvement of some Poles. It needs Duda's signature to become law, and he has spoken in its favor.

It would make it a crime to accuse the Polish state of complicity in the Holocaust. He said there had been no systematic collaboration of Polish institutions.

According to Jewish community leader Klaudia Klimek, Duda has requested that the tribunal probe whether it contravenes freedom of speech, and also whether the language of the bill is understandable to laypeople.

Azari told the commercial Radio Zet station on Monday that after Poland's Senate adopted the bill on Thursday she "had signals" she may be withdrawn but that "now I don't know".

What does the bill state?

The United States, a close North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally of Poland, expressed disappointment at Duda's decision.

The camps were built and operated by Nazi Germany after it invaded Poland in 1939.

"One can not change history, and the Holocaust can not be denied", Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement last week.

The country's Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely warned last month it could be a "slippery slope" that could be used to "minimise the responsibility of those Poles who participated in the war crimes committed by the Nazis".

"The Polish government canceled my visit to Poland because I mentioned the crimes of its people. No legislation will change the past", added Bennett.

The current Polish government is therefore right in demonstrating its indignation and objection to the term that is distorting the past and is clearly disrespectful to the memory of those who perished during the war.

"Israel and Poland hold a joint responsibility to research and preserve the History of the Holocaust".

"(This bill). protects Polish interests. our dignity, the historical truth.so that we are not slandered as a state and as a nation", said Duda, an ally of the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) which introduced the legislation.

Poland was attacked and occupied by Nazi Germany.

Moreover, whilst the concentration camps were the site where Jewish people were killed in the millions, the murdering of Poles of Christian and other denominations (numbering in the hundreds of thousands) should not be discounted or forgotten. "But many Poles all over their country informed, handed over or participated themselves in the murder of some 200,000 Jews during the Holocaust and even afterward", Bennett said Monday.

While there is a consensus among historians that certain Polish individuals and groups did collaborate with the Nazi occupiers, recent Polish governments have sought to challenge that narrative. Nevertheless, many Poles believe that people overseas are misled by this phrase.