Police in Spain uncover 4 tons of oranges in a auto chase

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Last week, police in the town of Seville, Spain, became suspicious when they spotted two cars driving erratically and close together. Then however, they made a fruity discovery: about 4 tonnes of stolen oranges were crammed inside the small vehicle. The law enforcement officers noticed something odd in the way the cars were being driven, especially when they changed direction on seeing a patrol auto ahead.

However, police discovered later that the oranges were stolen from a shipment, said the Europa Press.

Police later found a third truck - filled with more oranges, according to the report.

The suspects also reportedly claimed the oranges were for personal consumption.

A seemingly routine police stop outside Seville, Spain, recently turned out to be anything but when tons of oranges spilled out of the auto.

The oranges were all over the two vehicles and authorities suspected that they just didn't pick them off the ground, like one of the people told them.

Police revealed that suspects didn't have the required paperwork to be carrying such a large quantity of fruit, and they were charged with theft.

There have been freakish scenes in Spain after police pulled over three vehicles.