Religious Group Aims to Ban Rihanna From Senegal

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Pop singer Rihanna is teaming up with French President Emmanuel Macron to improve education in developing nations.

Rihanna has been less vocal in her activism than some celebrities, but she has always been supportive of the LGBT community.

However, the masses may not know her most important work as a humanitarian and ambassador for Global Partnerships for Education (GPE).

The French leader told delegates that countries where the world had witnessed "democracy being rolled back", were also where "girls were being pushed out of school". She called for the pledge £380 million ($542 million), Australia to contribute AUD$200 million ($160 million) and France to pitch in €250 million ($312 million) by end of business today.

With 10 current and 3 former heads of state in attendance, the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Financing Conference was able to raise $2.3 billion for the education of girls and boys around the world.

With the pledge, the UAE became the first Arab nation to support the GPE, a World Bank initiative that brings together donor countries, multilateral agencies, civil society, the private sector and foundations to support the education sector in developing countries.

The conference in turn asks partner countries to devote 20 per cent of public expenditure to education - a level that can be particularly hard for countries battling jihadists or civil conflicts.

French President Emmanuel Macron, left, and Singer Rihanna, right, during a meeting in Dakar, Senegal Friday Feb. 2, 2018.

Ahead of the conference, Macron met Sall at the presidential palace in the Senegalese capital and signed agreements on the sale of two Airbus planes for 171 million euros and the creation of a Franco-Senegalese university campus.