Trump's message to Republicans on immigration: Compromise or win in 2018

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Right now, Washington can't agree. One of the former aides from Trump's campaign said this.

Trump reiterated his desire Thursday for Congress to pass what he has proposed: a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients and more eligible young undocumented immigrants; border security including some enhanced immigration enforcement authorities; heavily cutting family-based migration; and ending the diversity visa lottery.

President Donald Trump on Saturday claimed complete vindication from a congressional memo that alleges the FBI abused its surveillance powers during the investigation into his campaign's possible Russian Federation ties.

Trump's plan was swiftly eviscerated by the left as cruel, while some anti-immigration conservatives blasted it as overly generous to lawbreakers, indicating the passions underlying the ideological divide.

The "numbers" Trump referred to was a new batch of national polling from Monmouth University that showed only a narrow, 2-point edge for Democrats in the generic congressional ballot, said Rep. Steve Stivers, R-Ohio, the current NRCC chairman who said he showed Trump the figures before the speech.

However, Stivers acknowledged that history is not on Republicans' side, considering the political party that controls the White House has over roughly the past eight decades lost about 26 House seats in midterm elections, as Democrats need to gain 24 to retake control of the lower chamber.

That proposal - created to win Democratic votes in the Senate, which must meet a 60-vote threshold to withstand a filibuster - is less popular in the Republican-controlled House.

Some lawmakers want Trump's four-part immigration framework pared back, while others want it approved or made even more strict on future immigration.

"We're going through all this drama on the budget agreement, on the debt ceiling, but we don't have 218 Republican votes for any of this". There's nobody in line from Norway, Mr. President. Many Republicans don't want to enrage conservative backers by allowing what they call "amnesty" by permitting citizenship for "Dreamers". The finger pointing from Republicans and Democrats has to stop.

The Gang of Six offer included almost $3 billion for Trump's wall and border technology, ended the diversity lottery but used those visas with a higher bar for underrepresented countries and recipients of temporary protected status, and addressed "chain migration", or family migration, by blocking parents of DACA recipients who came here illegally from ever being citizens. So are we united on those issues? No.

He was giving a compromising, coalescing, optimistically hopeful State of the Union speech, one of the most captivating in recent memory. After that was rejected, they are less likely to accept further concessions. "What it means is the issues that President Trump has nationalized, the agenda the people voted in - cutting taxes, cutting government spending, reducing government regulations that are strangling our businesses, repealing and replacing Obamacare". Will Hurd of Texas that is just border security and a DACA fix.

During shutdowns, federal employees are split into two groups: "essential" and "nonessential". Marco Rubio said this week. John Cornyn of Texas, the second-ranking Senate GOP leader.

"We want to make a deal", Trump said at an event in Virginia with US Customs and Border Protection officials.

"We won't have a single unified position on that", Oklahoma Republican Sen.

- Lindsey Graham: The South Carolina Republican has spent years pleading with his party to appeal to the fast-growing Hispanic electorate, warning that being anti-immigration is a formula for political extinction. Yet only one breakout session addressed immigration, and there was no policy path presented by GOP leaders.

Among those who say voting this year is no more important than in the past, it's a closer 42-51 percent contest.

Even some Republican lawmakers, however, have said that the memo has no bearing on the Mueller investigation into possible links between the Trump campaign and Russians who sought to influence the 2016 presidential election through hacked emails and fake news; Mueller's obstruction of justice investigation includes Trump's decision to fire FBI Director James Comey back in May.