Apple developing its own screens based on MicroLED technology

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"But Apple could own MicroLED". The company is already enhancing its capabilities in the semiconductor space, and now, a Bloomberg report claims that the iPhone maker is secretly testing its own displays.

According to a fresh report from Bloomberg, the smartwatch could soon feature the budding display technology, with Apple looking to make a "significant investment" over the coming years. The MicroLED screens are made of different light-emitting compounds. Moreover, the technology assures that the gadgets will be slimmer, less power consuming, and brighter than current gadgets. Currently, the company is working on further improving the technology.

For Apple, microLED offers more than thinner and more efficient display technology. Codenamed "T159" the project included Engineers who work out of a manufacturing facility in Santa Clara. The facility also consists of a special area for the intricate procedure of growing LEDs. Apple inherited the intellectual property for that process when it purchased startup LuxVue in 2014. When they do, they're likely to arrive first on Apple Watch, then to other mobile devices. But as for when they're going to be released to the public, it seems that it's going to be few years away.

Famed Apple critic and Bloomberg tech reporter Mark Gurman described the project as an "ambitious undertaking" and said it is "the latest example of Apple bringing the design of key components in-house".

Apple is expected to start producing also its own iPhone chips.

"LG Display will strive to become the second supplier in the second half of 2018, aiming to secure orders for the new 6.5-inch OLED model to be launched this fall". The company has reportedly invested billions in LG to help it boost its OLED production. The company procured the OLED display on the iPhone X from Samsung.

As the tech related to MicroLED is still in research, it's not exactly ready for production and Apple joining the race is a sign that it wants to have more control over its products. The shares of several Apple suppliers have taken a plunge. Samsung shares decreased by 0.51 percent, Sharp by 2.57 percent and Japan Display by 1.45 percent. Apple has been tweaking their screens of iPhones for color accuracy.