Fortnite Game Streamer Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins Claims To Make $500K Per Month

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Fortnite, the cross-platform shooter game, has gone from strength-to-strength in March 2018, what with Drake and Travis Scott playing it on Twitch and then the game debuting on iOS, and now its success is even noticeable on Pornhub.

In a rare and frankly unusual occasion, rap fans and gamers - and the intersecting population - came together when game streamer Ninja recruited Travis Scott and Drake into a livestream of Fortnite, which is now the go-to survival co-op shooting game on streaming platform Twitch.

There was also a video montage of animated Fortnite characters in sexually compromising situations. It is unclear how SuperData collected its data.

The game launched in July 2017 and only got a 'handful of searches, ' only gaining traction at the end of September 2017 when it launched its hugely popular Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Male visitors are 136% more likely to search for Fortnite on Pornhub compared to women. Working against PUBG, the firm said, is that cheating is still a problem, which has reportedly pushed the developer to allocate resources to address those problems. Are you playing Fortnite?

Twitter/FortniteGame'Fortnite' may just have arrived for the mobile, and just on the iOS at that, but players have already bought million for in-app perks and items in the first 72 hours of the mobile game going live. Blevins seriously just plays video games and people watch him do just that.

But the overwhelming majority of Fortnite videos on Pornhub were completely safe-for-work gameplay videos - like the kind you'd find on YouTube. Unfortunately, though, Epic Games didn't provide a specific date as to when the editor is coming in the game, but simply stated it's due "soon" for consoles and PC. What do you think of the game? In fact, it's one of the original battle royale games. Many Fortnite players claim that they were being killed by their teammates for their gear or simply to troll.

PUBG Mobile is available now for Android or iPhone and is hands-down the best battle royale title for mobile gamers.