Parkland students scarred, determined after lives changed forever

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The Broward Sheriff's Office has released the body camera footage of the arrest of Zachary Cruz for trespassing onto Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School's campus.

The Parkland shooting ignited a fierce nationwide debate about gun control, with high school students protesting nationwide and calling for stricter laws.

During her trip, the young advocate planned to speak to Washington-area leaders, participate in a roundtable discussion about gun control at the Library of Congress and meet with members of the local Black Lives Matter chapter. Word somehow spread that Southwest Airlines had offered to fly Parkland survivors to the Washington march for free, but the company told us that's not the case.

A group of students has been meeting in the West Middle School library to talk several times over the past weeks.

"That's what people have pigeonholed me in as a third-down player, but I know I can play first, second, third down if need be", he said. I see light. I see a system I'll be proud of.

The latest issue of the paper, which comes out quarterly, serves as a memorial to all 17 students who died.

This sense of responsibility for the possibility of violence in their school has led the group to think about ways they can create a healthier community.

"We knew that we had such a unique platform", Schneid said. "We want to assure you that the safety and security of our students and employees remain our highest priorities".

"That is what is going to really make a difference", Kelly said.

While the walk was student-driven, the committee ensured administration and teachers were kept in the loop.

"The fact that this has such a big platform, I'm going to take it and run with it because now that people are listening to me and listening to my school and my classmates, I feel like it's my responsibility", she said. The Parkland students made it too politically risky for Trump to appear to do nothing, and that's ultimately one of the biggest lessons here. The organization's daily spending on online ads more than quadrupled after the Parkland shooting, rising to an average of more than $47,000 per day.

"We have noticed that throughout the grades there has been mistreatment of other students and adults", Long said. "The cooperation with the school has been really great".

"Over 800 marches around the world - it's just insane how much support this topic in politics right now is getting", he says.

"This is why I'm here: Because we must stop letting this become the normal in Chicago", he said. "I mean, through the Erb's Palsy or losing my dad and my brother - it just made me the person I am today".

"Parkland will be remembered as the beginning of the end of shootings".

"The whole situation is disgusting, and I think that something should be done", Ventry said, "but I don't think that what the majority is saying is what needs to be done". "It's about coming together as an entire school, not just your small friend groups".