The next iPhone to be better and Cheaper than the iPhone X

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The " builds " of iPhone for the first half of this calendar year have been cut by 6 million, they reckon, for the X, while total iPhone builds have been slashed by Apple by 9 million.

Credit: Tom's GuideThe follow-up to last year's iPhone X could be considerably cheaper to produce than its predecessor, Digitimes is reporting, citing people who claim to have knowledge of the costs associated with producing the handset. The 6.1-inch iPhone will apparently retain most elements of the iPhone X design, but use an LCD display and lack some features like 3D Touch. That should translate to a cheaper price than the $999 price tag Apple has affixed to the iPhone X.

Digitimes Research analyst Luke Lin said in a research note that the upcoming 5.8-inch model of the upcoming iPhone will have a total bill of materials (MBOM) which is nearly approx 10 per cent lower than that of the iPhone X, when it was initially launched past year. On the contrary, analysts are now reporting that there will be two OLED iPhones this year and one of them, a 5.85-inch model, might, in fact, be the cheapest iPhone this year. The 6.5-inch device will bring a thin-bezel OLED screen and notch to the Plus form factor, incorporating a much bigger display in the same physical size as the current 5.5-inch iPhones.

Last year, ahead of the iPhone X launch, he predicted Apple launching a blush gold color anniversary edition phone.

As per a Digitimes analyst, Luke Lin's report, this new device's manufacturing bill of materials (MBOM) will be 10 percent lower than the iPhone X and hence the reduction in price. However, the project was suspended "mid-February and may be eventually terminated".

Interestingly, Lin also said in the report that Apple had previously planned to launch a 5.85-inch model with an LCD panel to keep the MBOM in check.

According to Ray Soneira, owner of display screen testing company DisplayMate Technologies, this is a golden opportunity for Apple.

However, with the launch of the Samsung (NASDAQOTH: SSNLF) Galaxy S9 series smartphones, the iPhone X's display has some stiff competition. Screen makers like Samsung Electronics Co., Japan Display Inc., Sharp Corp., LG Display Co. and Synaptics Inc. are among those that will be adversely impacted if Apple takes away its business for in-house development. Now a new report has surfaced online suggesting price of the 5.8-inch variant. On top of this, rumors indicate that a new pencil support feature is also in the works to go along with the new iPad Pro 3. Then again, it won't be a true successor of the iPhone X.