VW flirts with U.S. pickup offering with Atlas Tanoak concept

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The vehicle will be a five-passenger SUV that will be branded as part of the company's Atlas family and go on sale next year.

"Although there are now no production plans for the Atlas Tanoak, Volkswagen is keen to gauge the reactions of buyers and media, since pickup trucks are one of the biggest volume segments in the United States".

The new truck would be a unibody construction and based on the MQB platform used by the 7-seat version of the Atlas SUV.

The dual-cab concept pickup is not confirmed for production yet, even if the Atlas Cross Sport is, though Volkswagen North America has been given unprecedented autonomy in its decision-making. According to the company, when the door is opened, the white VW logo on the grille gradually brightens, then the white light runs over the two crossbars of the grille and into the headlight surrounds. It also receives a more structured front bumper than its seven-seat sibling, with the lower section featuring a wide central air duct and large outer air ducts, intersected by matte aluminum highlights.

Volkswagen is intensifying its SUV push; in February, 54% of Volkswagen's American customers chose a Tiguan or an Atlas. It also sports a shallower glasshouse and racier C-pillar styling than its more practical sibling. The sharply raked rear end of the Cross Sport dons a big spoiler, and its wheel arches flare out with concept-car exaggeration.

Volkswagen brought a surprise to NY in the form of a pickup truck concept-something VW fans (and perhaps only VW fans) have been clamoring for since we can remember.

He would not say which one he expects to be the bigger seller of the two.

Together, the three power sources provide the Atlas Cross Sport PHEV with a combined system output of 350hp and 670Nm. That makes it similar to the Honda Pilot-based Ridgeline pickup, and means it has a car-like ride, a V6 engine and all-wheel-drive.

Also, with Volkswagen looking to increase localisation of components, the cost of spares is expected to come down.

It previews an upcoming five-seat version of the Atlas and comes with a coupe-inspired design, plug-in hybrid tech, as well as a cutting-edge infotainment system with proximity sensors and gesture control. Total range, meanwhile, is put at 620 miles. At this point, there is not a whole lot of information about the upcoming truck but more details will be revealed when it makes its debut at the New York Auto Show this week.

GTE serves as a sport mode, one in which both motors and gasoline power combine for a maximum torque peak of 494 lb-ft. If the driver removes his or her foot from the accelerator or brakes when the battery is not sufficiently charged, both electric motors operate as generators and feed energy recovered from braking into the lithium-ion battery.