Watch Tom Brady chug a beer with Stephen Colbert

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He also opened up to Michael Strahan in an interview that appeared Monday on "Good Morning America", telling the former New York Giants pass rusher that he isn't ready to retire, although he'll turn 41 in August.

"The truth is we had a plan, but unconsciously, it was tied to the Pats winning the Super Bowl and, when that didn't happen (congrats, Eagles!), I felt like we needed to pause and recalibrate", Chopra wrote.

"I thought we were going to go down and score". "That's part of being an athlete".

"I love the sport, I love the competition, I love my teammates, I love working with people that I love to work with", he stated.

"This offseason is gonna be about my family, and they deserve it", says Brady.

"There's no real formula for it". He actually thought his season was over. There's different things that are happening in your life outside of football. "The kids are on their iPad and they need to be fed, and you have to get on with your life".

AFC Championship Game comeback: "One of the great wins I think we've ever had".

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Maybe Brady's ultra-strict diet has him out of practice.

"There's collateral effects to every decision that I make". And they commit a lot to me. Our kids - my oldest son lives here in NY. "We try our best; sometimes it doesn't go the way we want.' That's probably one of the best moments I've had as a parent, because you feel like you're parenting", said Brady.

Final warning: Leave now if you don't want to see it. Retirement sits on the horizon, but when he begins to drift poetic about football, Brady doesn't sound like a guy about to wander away from the gridiron.

Gronkowski: "I'm doing way better".

The essence of "Tom vs".

Brady sits in the final stages of his career, but showed zero on-field signs of decline in 2017.