Woman tries to open door during flight from San Francisco to Boise

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The incident happened onboard SkyWest flight 5449 from San Francisco to Boise. "I am God. I am God", while other passengers restrained her, in a video provided to CBS News. "I have no idea if she was on some sort of medication and it wore off or if she had a bad reaction", Smith, a veterinarian who works as a consultant for an animal health company, added.

The woman was restrained until the flight landed in Boise where police met the plane at the gate according to a statement from SkyWest.

On Monday, a woman on a United Express flight operated by SkyWest Airlines attempted to open the cabin door while the plane was in the air, a SkyWest spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider.

Police and the FBI are investigating the incident and the woman is being held for a medical evaluation, officials say.

After the woman tried to step out of the plane, the flight staff was able to restrain her until the aircraft landed.

Ada County prosecutors are reviewing the incident, but no criminal charges were immediately filed.

Danny Taurus, who was one of 73 passengers aboard the jet told NBC: 'She got up from her seat ran towards the cabin door and tried opening it mid flight.

One of the passengers told the authorities that the woman kept repeating nonsensical phrases referring to God who holds all the data. "The unruly customer was held for questioning by law enforcement".

There are no leads on why the woman tried to open the door mid-flight; however, Williams confirmed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is also investigating the event.