XFL documentary maker plans new football league

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The new league also employs former Pittsburgh Steelers' safety Troy Polamalu and former Minnesota Vikings' defensive end Jared Allen in executive roles. In addition, the game will be streamlined for television, with no TV timeouts and 60% fewer commercials, no kickoffs and no onside kicks.

The cities where the eight teams will be will be announced over the next three months.

Part of the announcement also included plans for Dick Ebersol to serve on the league's board of director's, officially putting the family in direct competition with McMahon.

Back in January, WWE owner and CEO Vince McMahon announced the revival of the old XFL, promising a faster game, an absence of politics and a policy excluding players with criminal records.

Teams will start on the 25-yard line after a score. There will also be a 30-second play clock and mandatory two-point conversion attempts after touchdowns. If Ebersol's name rings a bell, he did a documentary on the XFL for ESPN, and his father Dick helped found the original XFL in 2001 with Vince McMahon.

The league also vowed cheap ticket prices - each team will offer seats "between the 20s [yard lines], close to the field" for $35, Ebersol said - and value-priced concessions. Despite some promising signs, starting a new football league that is ultimately embraced by the American public still seems like a real long shot. "We're looking for those Kurt Warners working in grocery stores, and we think we will find them". One game a week will air on CBS Sports, while others will stream on the league's app. Assuming neither league will try to pull a USFL and try to lure top talent from the NFL with huge contracts, the AAF and XFL will be having bidding wars for players who aren't good enough to be on one of the NFL's 32 53-man rosters.

For about 50 years there hasn't been one successful second football league, and now two will try to make it.

According to Ebersol, he plans on fully incorporating Fantasy Football and a media plan into the league.

Sports agent Donald Yee announced last year his plans for Pacific Pro Football, a league with four teams based in Southern California that would give 18- to 21-year-olds a professional alternative to college football. The XFL has a mindset that "because the NFL is doing this, we're doing that", the Alliance of American Football made changes because they felt it made the sport of football better and not necessarily because of what it is the NFL did. The Alliance will provide players a comprehensive bonus system, post-football career planning as well as counseling and scholarship support for postsecondary education.

"For years I've been talking, in the football community, about the fact that there's a real need for this", Polian said. Maybe that also means we can see ads during National Football League broadcasts but I doubt that.