Condom snorting challenge poses health hazards

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In case the Tide Pod challenge wasn't bizarre/dangerous enough, another viral video challenge is taking its place in the spotlight: the "condom challenge". In the condom snorting challenge, a person opens a condom and snorts it through one nostril and pulls it through their mouth, thus completing the "condom snorting challenge".

Move over, Tide pods.

Can we just go back to the ice bucket challenge or something? In America the "challenge" dates back to at least 2007, when a YouTuber uploaded herself snorting a condom, but YouTube pulled the video for containing "harmful or unsafe content".

And though it is not exactly new, the challenge is spreading due to social media, which is why a class for parents in Texas aimed to educate adults to become more aware of what their kids are doing online.

The wrappers are removed before teens try the new challenge. Condom snorting can also block your breathing and cause you to choke, especially since the prophylactic is much larger than a nostril, according to Bruce Y. Lee, an associate professor of worldwide health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in a Forbes column. A report published in 2004 in the Indian Journal of Chest Diseases and Allied Sciences detailed an "accidental condom inhalation" in which a 27-year-old woman unintentionally sucked a condom down her throat and into her lungs during oral sex.

"The nasal passages and sinuses have special cells that can be damaged if objects such as condoms are placed in them, potentially leading to a bacterial or fungal infection", he told CBS News. Would it really be worth all that just to get more likes and views?'

Some past video challenges, such as the "ice-bucket challenge", have helped raise money for charity, but others, such as "bath salt challenge" can be unsafe, The Washington Post reported.