Far Cry 5 Wallpapers In HD, 4K For PS4

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Ubisoft is planning to have a team of 100 at the freshly-minted Canadian studio within the next five years.

In the network appeared the new videotapes, which the author chose to check the size of the game world of Far Cry 5, and therefore crossed the entire map and got it on video.

Rest assured that as popular as Fortnite and PUBG might be, there's still a big market for open-world games across various different platforms. "We have had previous successes on this on past projects by identifying bottlenecks in the world creation and iteration pipelines and streamlining these processes".

Ubisoft announced their plans for a new phase in the company's Canadian expansion, Ubisoft Winnipeg.

Overall, this is something that will only bold well for Ubisoft and future content/titles. Ubisoft Winnipeg will hire Engineers, Tool Programmers, Technical Artists, and other professionals in the same field in order to fully achieve their mandate. Ubisoft is sure to announce some great upcoming titles that will be supported by the Ubisoft Winnipeg offices.

In recent years, Winnipeg companies such as Skip the Dishes, Bold Commerce, Farmers Edge and Invenia have brought attention to the fact there is a substantial technology talent pool here.

Ubisoft Winnipeg will work closely to help grow the local techno-creative industry through local partners focused on economic development and education.

A news conference will be held in Winnipeg this morning to share more details but several sources indicated it will be a major development for the city. "This is a huge win for Winnipeg".