House Intel Committee Ends Russia Probe, No Collusion, Witch Hunt Doomed

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In a 253-page, heavily redacted report, the Republican-led committee said while it found no evidence of collusion, over the course of its investigation, it did "identify numerous shortcomings, including counterintelligence concerns, classified leaks, puzzling legal processes and inappropriate or questionable behavior" by both the Trump campaign and Hillary Clinton's campaign.

"I was very honored by the report", President Trump said from the White House. No coordination, no nothing.

Trump quickly claimed vindication Friday morning on Twitter, writing, "Just Out: House Intelligence Committee Report released".

"In fact, we found evidence of collusion in the abundant secret meetings and communications between Trump campaign officials and associates such as Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, George Papadopoulos, Donald Trump Jr., Michael Flynn, Carter Page, and others, with emissaries and officials from, or linked to the Russian government", the top Democrat on the committee said.

"House Intelligence Committee Republicans' final report is the fundamentally flawed result of a fundamentally flawed investigation".

The June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower is an area of inquiry in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into whether anyone from the Trump campaign colluded with Russians. The report says committee staff found "intelligence failings" that undermine that assessment by the FBI, CIA and NSA, though specifics are not detailed and some portions of that section are redacted.

The committee also released dissenting views from the Democrats.

Democrats on the committee, particularly ranking member Adam Schiff of California, fiercely oppose the report and have released their own document. "MUST END NOW!" Trump tweeted shortly after the report release.

But.maybe now the House Intel Committee can launch an investigation into that!

Expectedly, Democrats dissented, accusing the Republican-majority committee of intentionally steering the investigation away from scrutiny of the president, refusing to issue subpoenas, and generally undermining the integrity of the probe with partisan outlook. But the probe did provide important public revelations.

Note 16.02.2018 USA have charged a 13 citizens of Russian Federation against intervention in the elections of the President of the United States. In his absence, Conaway took over the probe.

In a statement, Rep. Mike Conaway, (R-TX), who has been leading the investigation, said he was "extremely disappointed with the overzealous redactions" made by the intelligence agencies.

"While the committee found that several of the contacts between Trump associates and Russians - or their proxies, including Wikileaks - were ill-advised, the committee did not determine that Trump or anyone associated with him assisted Russia's active measures campaign", the report says.

House investigators cautioned that Russian Federation will continue meddling in USA elections and suggested some fixes that would help the government and politicians better defend against that interference.