ICYMI Steven Spielberg is directing his first superhero movie for DC

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Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. are teaming up for a film adaptation of DC's Blackhawk.

Steven Spielberg looks set to join the DC universe with Blackhawk, which is now in development over at Warner Bros.

Jurassic Park and War of the Worlds screenwriter David Koepp is writing the script.

Based out of 1941, during World War II, a special team of USA fighter pilots led by a mysterious man known as Blackhawk face unwinable scenarios and end up defeating their enemy everytime. "I believe what happened was that Steve Spielberg was interested in possibly doing something with Blackhawk and somebody even mentioned that Dan Aykroyd wanted to play the character", Evanier said in 2011. His comic ran through Quality until 1956, and was then picked up by DC Comics in 1957. "We can't wait to see what new ground he will break in introducing Blackhawk to movie audiences worldwide", he said. Well, more specifically Marvel films because Wonder Woman and Nolan's Batman trilogy aside, the DC films tend to land up quite underwhelming.

The director's recent science fiction film, Ready Player One, was also a joint venture of the same production houses.

It should be noted at the outset that Steven Spielberg, like a number of other big-name filmmakers, has a longtime habit of announcing projects that either don't come to fruition or take a long time to come true.

Spielberg has unrivaled experience bringing the Second World War to the silver screen, with titles to his credit including the 1995 Academy Award victor Schindler's List, 1998's Saving Private Ryan and 1987's Empire of the Sun. Though a bit jarring at first the film opens up with one of, if not the most, insane drag races in cinematic history. This film is primed to be a lucrative feather in his expensive cap, especially coming after his reported next films: a new Indiana Jones movie and a West Side Story remake. The article also stated that Warner Bros. has their eye on Spielberg to also direct the movie under his Amblin banner.