Kansas City Teens Walk Out Of Schools For Gun Control Rallies

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More than 2,100 events where held nationally as part of the National School Walkout.

A student from a Detroit-area high school marched through nearby streets chanting "are we next?" as they carried signs honoring the victims of several mass shootings.

April 20th also marks the anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting, where more than a dozen people were killed.

"We're fighting for stricter gun laws and less gun violence", Maslow-Shields said.

But F. Paul Valone, president of Grassroots NC, vowed that gun proponents would fight any efforts to restrict gun rights.

"It's a student movement and I think we're the ones that need to be using our voices", she said.

Edina Kuduzovic, one of the student organizers say they are demanding change.

Red Hook students, if they had parental permission, were allowed to gather on the school lawn for 30 minutes on Friday. They want to encouraged their peers to "walk up" and make school a positive environment for everyone, as well as to get their classmates involved politically. "We should be the first people to walk out and participate against gun violence", she said.

Saint Agnes speakers spoke about how recent school shootings, including in Parkland, Florida, in February, inspired their activism and anger about violence in places of learning.

∫ Northville Central School District had a half day on Friday and none of the students participated in the walkout.

Some students at Ray said their concern is simple, fear for their safety. "I'm terrified", said Stephanie Cisneros.

Santa Rosa High School freshman Laura Wright, 15, said her belief the country needs tougher gun laws are drawn from personal experience.

"We've had activities at our schools, including writing letters for our representatives and voter registration", she said.

"This is our time for change, for our generation to speak up, and the students are being impacted by gun violence", said a girl from the protesting groups.