Picking the Best Potential Brighton Lineup to Face Burnley on Saturday

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A coy Chris Hughton admitted he could not yet count the worthiness of a point for his Brighton & Hove Albion side, hinting that he felt they missed a good chance to all-but seal their safety against Burnley.

Rodriguez, now at West Brom, was accused of racially abusing the Brighton defender when the two Albions met in January.

Rodriguez was charged by the Football Association with using "abusive and/or insulting words which included a reference to ethnic origin and/or colour and/or race" towards Bong, but an independent regulatory commission found the accusation made could not be proven.

Rodriguez, meanwhile, has continued to protest his innocence and Burnley fans sang "Jay Rodriguez, he's one of our own", leading to criticism from Hughton.

"Firstly I thought the reaction of the Burnley supporters every time he got the ball was shameful", said Hughton.

"What they should do, the Burnley supporters, they should look at the two statements that came out afterwards - one from the independent committee and one from the FA". He added, "to say you're a Burnley fan and your side was 16th in the Championship five-and-a-half years ago, and then now has got a chance of playing in Europe, then I think that's a hell of a shift".

'I was incredibly surprised, I must admit.

"He is an incredibly disciplined and strong individual, as honest a person as you will meet".

With FA Cup finalists Manchester United and Chelsea both set to qualify for Europe based on their current league standings, the Europa League berth that the winners would have earned will be awarded to the team that finishes seventh in the top flight, which is where the Clarets are now sat in the table.

"There is no point in me talking about penalties", Dyche said, jokingly. You're implying strongly, and I agree, there's a massive swing involved [for Everton to catch Burnley].

"This has been a fantastic season".

Although Dyche stopped short of describing European qualification as a foregone conclusion, he stressed that "you can't cheat" the league table.