Trump Calls Chinese Tariffs on American Cars 'Stupid'

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Midwest farmers fear becoming caught up in a trade war as Beijing threatens to impose tariffs on soybeans and other USA crops, a big blow to Midwestern farmers, many of whom are strong Trump supporters.

"It's not nice when they hit the farmers specifically because they think it hits me", Mr. Trump said.

"We've been in touch with North Korea", Mr. Trump said at the beginning of a cabinet meeting at the White House.

China is threatening the tariffs in response to Trump moving to enact protectionist measures as punishment for Chinese theft of US intellectual property. China last week said it would tax imports on US pork, soybeans, apples, airplanes and other products totaling $50 billion. We know that the most myopic Trump minions will have a litany of rationalizations as to why Trump is now defying a campaign mandate; but to rational, common sense Americans, the President's tweet this morning alerting Russian Federation that USA missiles "will be coming" is arguably telegraphing to Russian Federation and Putin what the President is planning.

Speaking to the press, Trump said that the proposed tariffs, which were made in response to tariffs that the Trump administration is planning to slap on Chinese goods, might hurt farmers in the short term. His says, "No, it sounds like STUPID TRADE". Currently, as Trump tweeted, China imposes 25 percent tariffs on American vehicles, and mandates that foreign companies form joint ventures with Chinese firms.

But he also played down the danger of China's threatened retaliatiatory tariffs on US agricultural products. In defiant petulance of not getting Congress to appropriate suitable funds for a wall that Trump consistently bellowed Mexico would pay for, President Trump has ordered Secretary of State James Mattis to dispatch 4,000 National Guardsman to guard our southern perimeter from the caravan making its way north through Mexico.

Farmers and others who would be hit by tariffs hope the president is merely bluffing with his grand threats, but Trump's misguided notion that America is perennially getting screwed over by its trading partners is one of his bedrock philosophies.

"The farmers will be better off than they ever were", the president said. Beijing also declared that the current rhetoric made negotiations impossible, even as the White House suggested that the tariff talk was a way to spur China to the bargaining table.