'Accept Trump proposals or shut up', MBS tells Palestinians

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He made clear the Palestinian issue was not a top priority for the Saudi government or Saudi public opinion and secondly he said that for Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries to normalise relations with Israel there will have to be significant progress on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

"For the past 40 years, the Palestinian leadership has missed opportunities again and again, and rejected all the offers it was given", the Saudi leader reportedly said. "It is about time the Palestinians take the proposals and agree to come to the negotiations table or shut up and stop complaining", the Saudis' defacto leader reportedly said.

His remarks came amid a visit to the region by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who expressed support for Israel and Saudi Arabia and said Iran "destabilizes this entire region".

Axios first reported the details of the March 27 meeting.

It reported that at a meeting with Jewish leaders in NY last month, the Saudi prince said the Palestinians should either start accepting peace proposals or "shut up".

Palestinian leadership has been boycotting the White House since December 6, when President Trump announced the US will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, officially recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Channel 10 diplomatic correspondent Barak Ravid repored a source briefed on the MBS meeting in NY as saying that some of those in attendance "literally fell off their chairs". Some of whom see him a reformer, will perceive him negatively but other Muslim states will also see him with contempt for betraying the cause of Palestine and ignoring Israel's long history of injustices done to the Palestinian people.

Earlier this month, the Saudi crown prince gave an interview with the Atlantic in which he said that Israelis "have the right to have their own land" and establishing ties between Israel and the kingdom would be beneficial for both sides. MBS dares to hold Palestinian leadership for the most degrading conditions of Palestinians, but not Israel, not the United States for constant humiliations of Palestinians.

During the meeting the Prince is understood to have emphasised Saudi Arabia "doesn't have a problem with Jews" and pointed to examples of Jews coming to the Middle East nation. Both countries' joint opposition of Iran and mutual partnership with the USA tie them together thus the plight of Palestinian people is conveniently ignored. Our Prophet Muhammad married a Jewish woman.

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