Build 2018: Everything Microsoft announced for its cloud service, Azure

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Microsoft also announced the new.Net Core 3.0 framework, updates to its Fluent Design System, the MSIX containerization solution to help enterprises convert large catalogs of apps, and new machine learning initiatives.

Other than that, Microsoft will also support promising projects by providing access to the company's engineers for consultation as well as its technologies.

Key among these would be Sets, which lets users tab multiple apps into one Window in the same way a browser like Chrome or Edge supports tabs for multiple pages.

Similar to previous year, we expect AI to be given plenty of importance on stage.

Microsoft plans to share more details on 365 during tomorrow's Build festivities. However, it is also being said that the Office 365 might not get any new feature.

It's that time of year again.

Mixed Reality was one of the hot topics previous year. Diane Bryant, a former Intel executive who is now at Google's cloud, told Wired that Microsoft was the reason Intel bought Altera.

Microsoft Remote Assist will enable users to communicate remotely via hands-free video calling, image sharing and mixed-reality annotations. While we did see a few launches from PC manufacturers like Asus, Dell, Acer, Samsung and HP, we have yet to hear about any developments on this front. A Speech Devices SDK was also rolled out today. This is because the Surface production has not just began yet and it is like to stay like that until further updates are rolled out. So it is highly unlikely that Google might discuss the same at the event. This seems like a great idea and it's awesome it's not come already, but in theory it will be in the next update for Windows 10 due this fall. Such people already have huge potential but according to Smith, technology can help them accomplish even more. We might have seen a number of devices featuring AI; however, Microsoft has not been able to hold up its position when it comes to AI. But the controversy over political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica improperly obtaining Facebook user data highlights the issues these tech companies face as they must both protect the consumer and business data they collect while using that same information to improve their own services. It is also expected that it would announce updates to it personal digital assistant Cortana, which has been getting a fresh push from the company in the past couple of months.