Charlize Theron and Diablo Cody Explore the Woes of #MomLife in Tully

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Despite being able to logically rationalize the drastic changes to one's body and the brutal exhaustion that upends normal life, a mom's emotional brain doesn't always follow suit, especially when charged with tending to the needs of older children, too. You feed the kids, you bathe them, put them in clean clothes and then, three or four days later, those turds want you to do it all again. As they cross the bridge Marlo giddily points out her old neighborhood's haunts to a receptive Tully. "It is hard being a mom". I could not even get a page written, which has never happened to me.

In Tully, the metamorphosis is more ordinary, but just as crucial. Her daughter looks at her and asks "Mom, what's wrong with your body?"

For anyone who's survived the challenges of motherhood, there's something deeply satisfying about seeing normally gorgeous Charlize Theron in Tully. Baby weight and cupcake panic are tag-teaming to smother any spark of life she once had. Suggested by Marlo's wealthy-as-bleep brother (Mark Duplass), Tully is a night nanny, showing up just as the sun goes down and helping Marlo sleep through the night. Tully (Mackenzie Davis) breezes in like a waft of lavender: she's young, carefree, hippyish, annoyingly wise. What Marlo knows, and Tully doesn't, is that parenthood changes you, destroys the person you used to be, picks apart your personality and reassembles it.

Ron Livingston: "It kind of turns into a little bit of a Mary Poppins quality a little bit, where this girl comes in and kind of transforms her life". While she had seen many depictions of the so-called "control-freak mom" in movies and TV, she wanted to explore "the other side of that coin, which is a mom who is so distracted and underwater that she accidentally bangs the baby's vehicle seat into the wall or drops her phone on the baby while she's changing her diaper".

Two years later, "Juno" was in theaters and soon after that Cody was on stage holding an Oscar thanks to her witty dialogue and a fresh storytelling approach.

A young actor from Wilmington stars in a new movie with Academy Award victor Charlize Theron. "You can't fix the parts without treating the whole". The first thing I produced was "Monster" and it really just came out of fear. In its most poignant moments, Tully addresses something common among those of us who've found ourselves on the other side of young adulthood.

Mackenzie Davis (as Tully): "You are convinced that you're this failure, but you actually made your biggest dream come true". Those who loved Young Adult in particular will probably enjoy Tully the most, as will those moviegoers interested in seeing a film that wrestles with the truth about motherhood in a way that most non-genre movies aren't willing or able to do.

Theron: I've had a lot of very, very close friends of mine go through pregnancies and I've had a front seat to it all, and it's not even that we had a conversation about it, I think it was a no-brainer. "At the end of the day, it's so amusing, but when you're in it, it's a horror movie". She gained 50lbs, we are told, in the service of veracity, and looks suitably physically devastated as she staggers around in the aftermath of her third birth.