Congo army, park rangers search for kidnapped British tourists

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The pair were taken in the Virunga National Park, a renowned gorilla sanctuary in the east of the African country.

Two British tourists are reported to have been taken hostage in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Their vehicle was ambushed while bringing the tourists from Kibumba to the city of Goma, Joel Wengamulay, spokesman for the Congolese Institute for The Conservation of Nature, told the United Nations -backed Radio Okapi.

"We are in close contact with the authorities of the DR Congo after an incident involving two British nationals and our employees provide support to their families", - said the British foreign office.

A park ranger at Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was killed and at least three people, including two British tourists, were kidnapped Friday, park officials said.

In an interview with National Geographic a year ago, Virunga National Park Director Emmanuel de Merode said three main groups are responsible for the violence in the park.

There are more species of mammals, birds and reptiles in the park than anywhere else on Earth, and almost a third of the world's 1,000-odd mountain gorillas.

Founded in 1925, the Viruga National Park is a Unesco heritage site and one of the most important conservation sites in the world.

Political instability in the Democratic Republic of the Congo had caused rising violence in the province of North Kivu, where the park, famous for its mountain gorillas population, is located.

Five rangers and a driver were killed on 9 April.

"Then the Mai-Mai, who are Congolese, operate in the center of the park". The other location is the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda.