France's Macron unsure whether Trump will stick to Iran deal

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French President Emmanuel Macron committed a rather delicious faux pas on Wednesday that left his Australian audience scratching their heads.

Mr Turnbull said France is a Pacific ocean power that can work with Australia in building infrastructure and on humanitarian relief.

"What's important is to preserve a rules-based development in the region, especially in the Indo-Pacific region, and to preserve the necessary balances In the region".

Police arrested more than 200 people in the French capital after anarchists hijacked the rally by labour unions against Macron's economic reforms.

Reports last month - which were denied by China - said Beijing wanted to establish a permanent military base in Vanuatu.

"This new Paris-Delhi-Canberra axis is absolutely key for the region and our joint objectives in the Indian-Pacific region", Macron said.

A press conference is expected to take place on Wednesday, with Macron set to appear alongside the ministers for foreign affairs, health, and higher education, as well as a number of representatives of small businesses in technology and defence.

But all players must be committed to maintaining the rules-based worldwide order, whether they are "big fish, little fish or shrimps".

Macron was visiting Australia for talks on trade and regional security before heading to the French territory of New Caledonia ahead of its vote on an independence referendum in November. Or even, a week after his visit to Washington, a parody of President Donald Trump's infamous comments about Macron's wife?

Under the accord, Teheran agreed to limit its nuclear programme in return for relief from sanctions.

In 2016, Turnbull's government handed France's majority state-owned Naval Group (formerly DCNS) the €31-billion- ($38-billion-) deal in 2016 to build 12 submarines in Australia's southern port city of Adelaide.

"I am aware of the political and economic debate surrounding this problem in the country, and I respect it, but I believe that the real leaders are those who can respect existing interests and at the same time decide to participate in something broader and more strategic", the president said.