George Zimmerman Charged With Stalking A Private Investigator

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Authorities say George Zimmerman threatened a private investigator working for a documentary filmmaker.

The private investigator, Dennis Warren, contacted Zimmerman in September 2017 about the planned documentary, according to court documents.

While the documents don't quote Zimmerman as threatening to feed anyone from the Seminole County Sheriff's Office to alligators, as he's accused of doing with Warren, it does quote Zimmerman repeatedly addressing a female sergeant with vulgarities.

Zimmerman called Gasparro, and they talked about the documentary series, which will focus on the life and death of Martin, according to the Florida Sun-Sentinel. Zimmerman reportedly called the investigator 55 times, as well as leaving 36 voicemails.

Then, on December 13, the private investigator heard back from Zimmerman. Another woman told police in January 2015 that Zimmerman threw a wine bottle at her during an argument, but she also recanted.

A few days later, Zimmerman began contacting the private investigator directly. The detective agency was supposedly mailed texts and also emails by him.

Apparently, Zimmerman's actions were enough to unnerve the the point where he feared for his and his family's safety. Warren got law enforcement involved when Zimmerman refused to stop contacting him.

A summons in Florida has charged Zimmerman with misdemeanor stalking, said Todd Brown, a spokesman for the Brevard and Seminole County Judicial Circuit. The comment was a reference to Martin's killing. And, "Anyone who [expletive removed] with my parents will be fed to an alligator".

Court documents stated that Warren had left one voicemail to gauge Zimmerman's interest in participating in the documentary.

Warren revealed to police that he had contacted Zimmerman to see if he would be interested in being featured in the project. He was referencing how Solange, the sister of Beyonce - who is married to Jay Z - was captured in an elevator surveillance video hitting Jay Z after the 2014 Met Gala. Who does Zimmerman have to kill again to be off the streets? Zimmerman did not answer his own phone.

"What are you calling me for you fu*king whore!?"