Palestinian President Claims Jews' Behavior Caused the Holocaust

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While Holocaust deniers say the agreement showed collaboration between the Nazis and Zionist leaders, Holocaust historians like Deborah Lipstadt and Rainer Schulze say it was a narrow, cynical agreement on the Nazis' part, agreed upon by a Zionist group in an attempt to save as many Jews as possible.

"Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas chose to use his speech at the opening of the Palestinian National Council to repeat some of the most contemptuous anti-Semitic slurs, including the suggestion that the social behavior of Jews was the cause for the Holocaust", said United Nations envoy Nikolay Mladenov on Wednesday.

The first PNC meeting in 22 years was overshadowed by criticism of Mr Abbas's opening speech on Monday, which drew accusations of anti-semitism. "Rather than expose Palestinians to accurate information about the Holocaust and the antisemitic persecution Jews faced for centuries in Europe, Abbas distorts the history to advance an agenda that lies about the Holocaust and Jews' connection to Israel".

France shares the emotions roused by these remarks by President Abbas.

"Mahmoud Abbas has lifted his veil to reveal his true self; a vehemently anti-Semitic Holocaust denying monster". "This goes beyond Holocaust denial - which was the subject of Abbas' dissertation". "There can be no more excuses or obfuscations for such blasphemous lies". In the speech, which Abbas described as a "history lesson" - he said that the "social function" of the Jews of Europe (specifically "usury and banking and such") was what led to the animosity that fueled their extermination.

"Abbas' address was nothing short of a repugnant litany of propaganda and conspiracies dripping of sheer anti-Semitic incitement", the statement continued. "We urge the global community to hear these remarks for what they are, and to denounce them in the strongest possible terms, rather than allowing itself to be lured into the Palestinian leader's façade of intentions".

Mahmoud Abbas addressing the Palestinian National Council. "It does, however, elevate hatred to a new level". The New York Times, normally so vigilant its coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and which even jumped on a gossip-column story focused on a recording of Sarah Netanyahu, the wife of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, losing her temper, didn't see this latest example of vile rhetoric by the Palestinian president as worth sharing with readers.