Seoul: North Korea committed to U.S. summit, denuclearization

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-North Korea summit on track, said he delivered a message of Trump's "firm will" to end the hostile relationship with North Korea and pursue bilateral economic cooperation.

US President Donald Trump said plans for a landmark summit with Kim Jong Un are moving "very nicely". "We're looking at June 12 in Singapore". "If we got that done and if we can be successful in the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, it would be a great thing for North Korea, it would be a great thing for South Korea, be great for Japan and great for the world - great for the United States, great for China".

His comments came after North Korea said Kim was "fixed" on holding the summit with Trump, raising hopes the historic meeting might still take place after a turbulent few days of diplomatic brinkmanship.

At any rate, the summit might be back on again, as the North Koreans swiftly changed their tune after President Trump sent his cancelation letter to Kim Jong-un.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in met Kim at the border on Saturday for the second time in a month to discuss how to keep Kim's summit with Trump on a track.

"He. expressed his intention to put an end to the history of war and confrontation through the success of the North-US summit and to cooperate for peace and prosperity", Moon told reporters in Seoul on Sunday.

Moon said Kim reached out to him to arrange the hasty meeting "without any formality". Korea summit an opportunity to make substantial progress on North Korea's nuclear, missile and abduction issues.

While maintaining that Kim is committed to denuclearization, Moon acknowledged Pyongyang and Washington may have differing expectations of what that means, and he urged both sides to hold working-level talks to resolve their differences.

Tensions were calmed after Kim extended an olive branch by offering to send a delegation to the Winter Olympics in South Korea, sparking a rapid detente that led to Trump agreeing to hold direct talks with Pyongyang.

"The thing he was uncertain about was not denuclearisation but concerns on whether he could trust that the USA would end its hostile policy and guarantee the security of his regime when the North denuclearises itself". Global journalists were present, but the US government can't verify the site's destruction.

They agreed to have their top officials meet again June 1.

However, the South Korean leader said Kim remained uncertain about US pledges to protect the Kim regime. "That hasn't changed", the USA leader said.

On Friday, Trump indicated the summit could be salvaged after welcoming a conciliatory statement from North Korea saying it remained open to talks.

Still, Moon, who said he had used Saturday's summit to hold a "candid" conversation with Kim about implementing the April 27 Panmunjom Declaration and the possible summit with Trump.

Some U.S. officials have talked about a comprehensive one-shot deal in which North Korea fully eliminates its nukes first and receives rewards later.