Tim Allen Reveals 'Last Man Standing' Might Make A Comeback

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Word came out May 3 that Allen and his "Last Man Standing" crew may possibly be returning to primetime network television in the fall, as the Fox network is reportedly in talks to acquire the rights to the now-syndicated show, which would resume with its seventh season. LMS just might be a reality. Still, Allen said the cancellation "blindsided" him.

A potential revival of "Last Man Standing" is in early discussions at Fox, Variety has learned from sources.

Well, oh well, looks like Last Man Standing might be getting the Roseanne treatment, after all.

His post on Twitter seemed to suggest there was a strong possibility of that happening. He also asked his fans to "keep it up".

ABC placed the fantasy drama Once Upon a Time in the Friday time slot that Last Man Standing once dominated.

Many of his fans commented on the news, with one saying, "Oh hell yeah!"

Allen remarked months after the show's cancellation: "There is nothing more risky, especially in this climate, than a amusing, likable conservative character". A report by Fox News provided most of the information presented in this article. Either way, it probably doesn't matter much since fans of the series are going to be thrilled to see it back. I hope it comes back!

Allen has confirmed that he, the cast, and even the writers are supportive of rebooting the series for another run. CMT was in talks to bring the show back, but those negotiations fell apart over the cost of the series. According to Deadline, a second stab at reviving the show is now underway at Fox following the success of ABC's Roseanne, which stars fellow outspoken Republican celebrity Roseanne Barr.

Tim Allen will not sit down, no siree.