Ahead of Ross visit, U.S. group calls on China to open markets

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The Commerce Ministry didn't respond to questions about the status of the meeting, but the American Embassy said a delegation of trade, agriculture and treasury officials had arrived in the Chinese capital to make preparations.

In turn, the renewed threats have some arguing that the ability of Beijing and Washington to continue to negotiate and American credibility is at stake.

While many countries share US frustration over Chinese trade and economic practices, critics of USA policy under President Donald Trump have warned that Washington risks alienating the European Union, Canada, and Mexico with 25 percent tariffs on steel and 10 percent on aluminum. China also says it diversifies its foreign exchange reserves to safeguard their value.

David Dollar, a senior fellow at The Brookings Institution said the announcement just days after the two reached an initial deal was surprising.

The Trump administration may soon claim as much as US$1.7 billion penalty from ZTE Corp, as it looks to punish and tighten control over the Chinese telecommunications company before allowing it back into business, according to people familiar with the matter.

The inside of a ZTE smart phone is pictured in this illustration taken April 17, 2018. Well, now the White House is pressing ahead and adding new pressure on China. As Xinhua confirmed last week, Ross, along with his team, is to visit Beijing from June 2 to 4 for another round of talks over trade disputes.

The two sides had also issued a joint statement vowing not to launch a trade war against each other.

"It [may] be a strategy".

"Whatever measures the USA takes, China has the confidence, capability and experience to defend the interests of Chinese people and the core interests of the country", it said. "Or it indicates an internal division [between the doves and the hawks], which Trump is finding hard to resolve".

However, American companies have "major concerns" about unfair conditions, and the recent moves haven't done enough to alleviate those concerns, said the American chamber's Ross. Nathan King is CGTN's White House correspondent.

"Trump is going on offense, reverting to his earlier instincts on China and re-empowering the trade hawks in his Cabinet", Eurasia Group said.

China responded by targeting $50 billion in USA products, including soybeans - a shot at Trump supporters in America's heartland.

China's No.2 telecommunications equipment maker has been crippled by a ban imposed in April on buying US technology components for seven years for breaking an agreement reached after it was caught illegally shipping goods to Iran and North Korea. Asian equities and the euro sank as turmoil in Italy sparked a frantic dash for safety, while investors have also been spooked by fresh worries about the China-U.S. trade row.

Separately, on Friday, the USA reached a deal on ZTE Corp. that will allow the Chinese telecommunications giant to remain in business.

The Trump administration's decision to slap tariffs on its top allies could weaken Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross' hand as he landed in Beijing on Saturday to try to fend off a trade war with China. "In this environment, it's hard for them for to be very pro-U.S".